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The Roaming Magician

What is a Roaming Magician!?

Looking for something a little different for your next corporate event? James Tae ‘the Roaming Magician’ is sure to make it a magical one!


James has been performing magic for 12 years and can wow your crowd with close-up magic tricks, mentalism, sleight of hand illusions and the best banter in town. Leave your preconceptions of magicians at the door cos this is a guy you wanna have a pint, a yarn and a laugh with. James will put your guests at ease as he randomly walks around performing tricks and engaging with the crowd in his own cheeky and charming way. Hailing from Guildlford (south of London) James now calls Auckland home and can provide top notch entertainment for any corporate event, wedding, private party, hen do, festival and even funeral (yes really!)​

James also specialises in pub magic! We have rates for roughly 2 hours of roaming magic with your bars punters. Create an engaging and memorable experience for your customers, send us an ENQUIRE form for bar rates. 

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A lad with the gift of the gab; and Magic skills to boot
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