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by Rattle the Cage Ltd

The bingo professionals!
Providing our unconventional entertainment for your bar, corporate event, fundraiser, hens do and anything in between!
Bitchin' Bingo NZ
Beats By Bingo NZ


beats by bingo


Rattle The Cage is in the business of providing unique entertainment options for your bar or for your next event. Our original show Bitchin' Bingo is New Zealand’s best comedy bingo show. This is bingo, but not as your Nana know's it! For punters it's free to play at our various bar locations in Auckland where we are based - check our BITCHIN' SHOWS page for more. 

These bingo calls are not the one’s your Nana would be used to:

“064: It's a rash, not a herpes sore!'

and, “O68: The best boyfriend's are one's you can deflate."

Our original and hilarious bingo call’s make this show an R18 one so leave the kids at home. Along with our talented Bitchin' Bingo DJ we'll have you laughing and dancing in your seats with your Guilty Pleasure song requests. We have hosted hundreds of successful corporate events and fundraisers for clients looking for something a little different. Click ENQUIRE to fill out our 'get a quote' form, and yes we can travel!

"Mistress Viv's calls manage to fuse the unlikely with the subversive, the risque with Kiwiana, and saucy innuendo and irreverent wit. 'No. 2, honeymoon in Manawatu, No. 7, Patrtick Swayze's dancing in heaven, No. 21, drink till your numb,' are a few suitable for publication."



Wanna hear more tunes and less talk? Try out our MUSICAL bingo show, Beats By Bingo! Combining DJ’s, banging tunes and bingo into one, this show will have your punters singing along in their seats while hoping to shout out BINGO!

With 13 different genres like Hip Hop, ROCK, 90's, 70's and our special ‘Guilty Pleasure Songs’ round; there’s something for everyone. Beats By Bingo is hosted by passionate DJ’s and MC's who love music and who love getting on the mic so you’re guaranteed to have a reliable and personable host guiding everyone through the games and insuring a fun experience. Just like Bitchin' Bingo it's all free to play and prizes to be won from the various bars we operate shows at. Click on our BEATS BY BINGO tab to find a venue near you in Auckland, Christchurch and the Waikato. Beats is also available for corporate and fundraiser hire NZ wide!

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